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Comprehensive protection to keep your vehicle in excellent working order

Just like your original factory warranty, SecureCare+ coverage offer you protection from expensive major repairs and inconvenient small repairs. All major systems except for high-tech electronics are covered under this plan.

Virtually any mechanical breakdown or problem related to normal wear and tear of your vehicle is covered by SecureCare+. We will pay to repair or replace any Mechanical Breakdown of ALL parts except those items listed as not covered. As well, a variety of options are available to supplement this outstanding coverage.


With coverage for almost all standard equipment on today´s automobiles, the SecureCare+ coverage provides reliable, nationwide coverage for:

  • Mechanical Breakdowns
  • Emissions Systems
  • Normal Wear and Tear
Emissions Systems

Air injection systems, Air fuel ratio sensors, powertrain control modules (PCMs), and throttle body assembly (MFI) are just some of the many components covered by SecureCare+.

Mechanical Breakdown

Any failure of a mechanical system such as the engine, drive train, transmission, suspension, or other major component.

Normal Wear and Tear

From gasket and springs, to coils and seals, if it breaks or fails during normal vehicle use, it´s likely covered by SecureCare+.

Engine Transmission
Drive Axle(s) Turbo/Supercharger
Transfer Unit (4x4) Steering
Front Suspension Brakes
Air Conditioning Electrical
Interior/Exterior Features Rear Suspensions
Anti-lock Brakes (ABS) Cooling
Fuel Delivery Emission System
Seals & Gaskets Wear & Tear Failure
Optional Coverage
Airbag Electronics

There are only a few items that are not covered by the SecureCare+ extended auto warranty plan. Many of these items are the same as those that are excluded from manufacturer warranties. Some of the exclusions for SecureCare+ are as follows:

Battery Weather Strips
Battery/Battery Pack on hybrid vehicles Exterior Body Parts/Ornamentation
Shock Absorbers Paint
Manual Transmission Clutch Assembly Upholstery & Carpet
Friction Clutch Disc & Pressure Plate Tires
Throw Out Bearing Wheels/Rims
Manual and hydraulic linkages GPS Navigation System
Safety restraint systems (including air bags) TV/VIDEO/DVD Entertainment System
Glass; Lenses Phone System
Sealed Beams Internet Access System
Bulbs Exhaust System
Brake Rotors & Drums Emissions System parts not listed in SecureCare+ coverage statement.

Maintenance services and parts described in your vehicle's owners manual as supplied by the manufacturer. (i.e. oil changes, tune-ups, brake pads, belts, hoses and spark plugs are not covered)

Q: What is the difference between SecureCare+ and LuxuryCare+ extended vehicle warranties?
A: Although both plans provide exceptional coverage for your car, truck, van, or SUV, SecureCare+ was designed for vehicles not equipped with luxury electronics such as GPS navigation or DVD entertainment systems. If your vehicle is equipped with these factory-installed items, the LuxuryCare+ plan may offer additional peace of mind. For a more detailed comparison between SecureCare+ and other coverage plans, please use our Compare Plans tool.
Q: Is my vehicle eligible for SecureCare+?
A: If your vehicle still has a factory warranty or as long as it is less than 4 years old with fewer than 50,000 miles, and it is not included in our explanation of ineligible vehicles it is eligible.
Q: How much does SecureCare+ cost?
A: The cost for your SecureCare+ plan depends on the age and condition of your vehicle at the time of purchase. The lowest cost for SecureCare+ is available while your vehicle is still covered by the factory warranty.
Bottom Curve
Plus, All Warranty Direct Vehicle Service Contracts Include: Mother and Daughter Arriving Safe
  • The freedom to choose the car repair facility of your choice
  • Coverage on parts and labor for approved claims
  • A variety of options for deductibles and payment options
  • No limits on the number of claims you may file
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee or 100% of your money back (minus any claims that may have been paid) Some restrictions apply, see full contract for details
  • Fast, responsive claims service Monday through Saturday
  • Complimentary 24-7 Roadside Assistance
  • Rental Car Reimbursement (up to 8 days)
  • Toll-free customer service

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