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Even if you're not impressed by our 99.4% customer satisfaction rating, it's hard to ignore what some of our over 4 million happy customers have to say about their Warranty Direct experiences.

Curtis, it was a pleasure dealing with you today. You made the extended warranty purchase process painlessly easy and I thank you for your professionalism, courtesy and lightening fast customer service. I will unhesitatingly recommend Warranty Direct (and specifically YOU) to my friends and associates.

John B.

Thank you Bobby Wheeler. I work 2 jobs and do not have much time to shop for different warranty companies. Bobby explained why Warranty Direct is the best and that's what I needed to hear! Thanks again!! Giver that guy a bonus!!

Mark P.

Guys, I haven't used your service yet, hope I don't ever need it, but just had to tell you how absolutely painless this process was. I sent an e-mail, got a phone call, charged my credit card, got the contract back, and am good to go. I may be jumping the gun here, but I am convinced this is the best thing going. Many thanks and keep up the good work. And don't let me down!!!

Carol G.

Dear Warranty Direct:
I phoned Warranty Direct today to get some information on extending their coverage of my vehicle past the current expiration on the service contract I already hold with them. I spoke with “Kelly who provided the information I needed in a most courteous and professional manner. I just wanted to let you know that the service that I have received through Warranty Direct has been nothing short of exceptional. In an industry (extended auto warranties) that everyone warns is rife with scams and misrepresentations, Warranty Direct has been a model of customer service and integrity. Although I love my 2002 Toyota Camry and assumed that I would never even need an extended warranty on a vehicle that has been so reliable over the years-I have to say that several unusual problems have occurred with my car. One poor idle situation that I thought was nothing more than a minor ignition problem-turned out to be a very expensive “air intake component that had to be replaced with an OEM part at considerable cost. Several other costly repairs were needed shortly during the course of my ownership. It's not that my Camry was unreliable, it's just that the replacement parts and service are so incredibly expensive. The days of the hundred dollar fix are gone forever. So my extended warranty has proven a great investment and brought much peace of mind. On the basis on my experiences, I would recommend Warranty Direct to anyone who appreciates the assurance of knowing that if help is needed, this is a company that performs as promised.

M. Cinquemani

A few weeks ago my car needed repair and the parts... took longer than expected to arrive. Your company showed a lot of class and paid for three days rental car as well as the $700.00 repair bill.

S. Rosner

My trusted mechanic recommended your company based on his personal purchase of your product and the ease in which a claim can be made and repairs done.

W. Courtice

Probably one of the best investments I've ever made. I've had two claims with Warranty Direct and both were handle expeditiously and satisfactorily. Thanks for your commitment to excellent service.

U. Littleton

Last week my car died and I was frantic. One call for roadside assistance and a tow truck was there in 15 minutes. It's nice to see a company that delivers on what they promise. I am so glad I bought your plan.

C. Smith

The service provided was outstanding. There was nothing I had to do but give my account number. This is how business should be conducted everywhere. Thanks!

G. Jones

Met or exceeded my expectations every time. I am very happy I purchased my extended warranty from Warranty Direct.

S. Weinberg

Thank you for the superb warranty coverage and service I have received from everyone. The service center I have my vehicles serviced at says your company is the best they have ever seen.

L. McWain

As usual Warranty Direct is the best of the best! I love [your] company.

L. Slatton

The willingness of your agents to provide me with resources to back up your claims was the major reason I chose Warranty Direct.

J. Connelly

I couldn't afford your top level of coverage but due to your excellent record, I went with a lower level of coverage. I have been very pleased with the service to date.

L. Lieblein

I'm thrilled with how easily the repair was taken care of. With only the one repair, I've recovered almost half of my initial cost. Having the plan has given me much peace of mind.

A. Honaker

I have had my Warranty Direct plan on my 1999 Corvette since early 2001. I have needed to use the plan a few times over the past four years and have never been disappointed. This was one of the smartest things I've ever done for myself. Thanks again. Looking forward to a continuing business relationship.


My claim was handled perfectly... I was able to pick up my car the same day because the dealer [received payment] within a few hours of the request... You have lived up to the positive reviews I had read.

D. Allen

Upon calling you for information, I knew that I was dealing with a group of professionals with great value for the cost.

C. Irby

Company reputation [was] a deciding factor [for me]... I wanted a company that was respected, been in business over 10 years and [was] a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. You fit the bill!

J. Groh

Your sales representative dared me to find complaints about your service on the Internet; I just love a good challenge. Darned if I could find but one. That, coupled with your professionalism, industry knowledge and best coverage, in my opinion, is why you earned my business.

Z. Archer

Thank you for coming through for me in a pinch. My husband is currently deployed and when the clutch failed on our Audi, I was extremely grateful for our SecureCare warranty. I just received a call from the dealership letting me know my claim had been paid and my car was ready. I am relieved beyond words.


I just finished using my warranty for the second time and even the auto shop performing the service was impressed at extent of coverage. To date the warranty has saved me over $3000.00 in repairs.

W. Goodall

When we got our new Jeep, we did not hesitate to get our coverage through Warranty Direct. I had done considerable research for our other Jeep and didn't even consider shopping around this time. We have been extremely satisfied with your company.

T. Hanna

The superior and HONEST service I received with your company deserves recognition. I had narrowed my choice down to Warranty Direct and one other competitor. After careful research, I discovered that the plans were identical...however, your price was better by more than $200. In fact, your roadside benefits were superior as well, despite your competitor telling me otherwise.

J. M.

I've been looking for an extended warranty... I checked out 8 companies. Yours was the only one not to use high-pressure sales tactics, respond to my many emails and not try to get me to buy with coupons and gimmicks. While I hope to never need your services, [I know] you will be there. Keep up the good work.

D. L.

In looking at some of your competitors, they did not require an inspection for an out of warranty vehicle like you did. They tried selling this to me as a benefit. The fact of the matter is, how can they cover a vehicle without inspecting it? I imagine a lot of people fall for this tactic and end up with claims being denied for pre-existing conditions.

J. Shores

I just returned home after my first claim with Warranty Direct. My dealer was very pleased with the process and the speed at which authorization and payment were made. He mentioned that other warranty companies did not live up to that... Count on me recommending you to others.

J. Dimarello

I've been with you guys since 1999 and have purchased 5 policies and recommended you to everyone I know. You guys are the best.

F. Farsilli

The willingness of your agents to provide me with resources to back up your claims was the major reason I chose Warranty Direct.

J. Connelly

I did quite a bit of research on Warranty Direct. When I saw that Consumer Reports wrote [positively] about you, I was sold. I have been very

K. Gervitz

How refreshing it is to deal with an organization that is honest, ethical and responsive. I sent 5 inquiries via email and all were

R. Deluca

Wow, great service on my claim. The dealership does the work, I pick up the car, Warranty Direct picks up the bill---sounds like a good

J. Rose

I bought coverage from you in 2000 and...Frank was my rep. When I called to buy coverage for my new car Frank still worked there

M. Trimm

I have purchased 3 policies from [Warranty Direct] and recommend you to a lot of people. Your product is great and your service is
A very Satisfied customer,


We purchased a Warranty Direct warranty in 1998. I just had a $3,000 repair done and it was fully paid for by Warranty Direct


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