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 I did quite a bit of research on Warranty Direct. When I saw that Consumer Reports wrote [positively] about you, I was sold. I have been very…"

K. Gervitz
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Payment Plans

    Multiple Ways to Save

    We don't believe anything should stand between you and your Warranty Direct plan. That's why we offer a variety of ways to purchase your vehicle service contract.


      Credit and Debit Cards

      We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We also accept Debit Cards that have a Visa or MasterCard logo and checks by phone. You can use the card of your choice to pay for your extended car warranty plan in full or to set up our EZ Pay payment plan option.


        EZ Pay

        Our popular payment plan allows you to pay as little as 20% of the total plan price up front and then pay as many as 18 monthly installments for what's left depending on the length of coverage you purchase. EZ Pay can be set up to work with your credit card, debit card, or checking account for automatic payments. You may also customize your payment schedule. Additional financing options are available.


          Checks by Phone

          If you have an established checking account with your bank and have permanent checks (not temporary checks without a check number, account number, or routing number), then we can gladly accept payment by phone. You will want to have your checkbook handy when you call so that you have access to the information our representatives will need to process your payment.

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